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First Blog for Year 2 (27/09/2016)

So for the begin of the first, day we had to find a piece of work in a gallery ( so we didn’t use the internet) this work will influence our practice for this year. I choose Barbara Hepworth, a cornish artist who worked with a lot of wood and sketch a bit in her work. the sculptor I choose was call Oval (Delos)


. During our first subject, session we had to talk about our summer project which was to record and create 3 pieces of work. but as I didn’t really go anywhere and the ideas I had was let down by the fact the I could melt the pewter at all, so the only piece of work I did be a cornish mermaid made out of a log from the taff trailimg_0691 During the afternoon we had to find an artwork which someone in the group chooses and researches it without using the internet, so went to the library and found a few books to help me. the info we found had to write it down and give it to the person using the art.i had to research Black Magic – Magritte. What I found was that his wife was the model, a quote I found was that he said was “it is an act of Black magic, this transformation of a women’s flesh into the sky” and Nietzsche’s theory was that he must have been obsessed with sex to paint so many madonnas.


Black Magic – Magritte



Another part of the afternoon session was to create 3 pieces of art from the person we choose artwork, we had to make a drawing in charcoal and an A1 piece of paper. We turned around the original picture and worked from the drawing we did to then used 2 different colours and create another piece, then had to make a sculpture of the drawings we did

These are the work done from my artwork I choose



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