Contextualisation, Subject

London #1

With the uni we went on a London trip, these trip took us to the royal academy of art, which had an exhibition on called Abstract Expressionism. Artists in this exhibition were;- Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Clyfford Still, Willem De Kooning and Barnet Newman.  I didn’t think this would have any relevance to my work, but looking around I discovered some inspiration in a few painting, then started to write down some arts and thoughts.  founding new ideas to do with me work. The first artist to give me some inspiration was Milton Resnick – Octave this painted gave me some understanding of textures in painting, this relevance to other artist is how the sculptures all have different texture, so Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture compared to David Nash’s come to mind when talking about this painting, as one is smooth to the touch but, the other is rough and messy. The idea of having smooth or rough sculptures is something I will have to consider. Octave.jpg


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