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Essay. Absurdism

Humour in existentialism is the subject I want to look at in my formative essay. This is absurdism. I’m going to look at this movement as I’m very keen about humour in art- work. Some artist which I will be looking at is Banksy, Albert Camus and a few other existentialists. the sort of artwork will look at will have a degree of humour but a meaning behind the work for example Banksy’s work about David Cameron. On first look, this shows how smug he is about destroying the UK. this has an aspect of humour because he is laughing at the fact he is doing this.  I think I will be talking about graffiti and Banksy’s work and how it has a deep mean of the destruction and humour that is represented in the work of them.o-BANKSY-DAVID-CAMERON-570.jpg



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