The Many Guises of the Absurd

during the first session of constellation, we learned that we were going to look at existentialists and started to talk about Sartre. Existentialism is a way of think and that is to question what the point is in life and existent of things. what is to be? what is point? we started to talk about facticity (facts about something) is combined with Transcendence (existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level). If you add Facility and Transcendence  you create your own essence, which is the point that makes us useful on this plant.

Children fit into the equation. They fit in by the way we have to make them feel happiness and as a parent or adult making their essence is our job. We have to create  their personality, freedom and values(their own opinion).

We also looked at how some music is absurd. what makes it absurd? Well, it is rebelling from the norm. not something that you would normally hear. this is the Sex Pistol- Anarchy. This is about  rebelling so this song fits in as well.


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