Development Ideas

After looking at my photos and talking to some of my lecturers I have decided that for a better outcome is to focus on the can of coke, as I can devise a better composition, the ideas I have as well are stronger than the other object. I have a few ideas with what I could do. First idea is to suspend a can over a recycling bin to show what people need to do. another is to place can around a bin and see what happens to in when people walk past it. next  to dip the cans in some paint to then etch into the paint with words of a provocative nature to symbolise what the people who pick it up think about the people who don’t put in the bin, I can further this with adding a bin where it should go. the place it should go is somewhere that it is effecting, so outside would be ideal this would show how, the object is effecting the place around you e.g. Global warming, destruction of land to mine the materials. so where natural would show how it is effecting the earth just like Donald trump is America.


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