Start of my Ideas

Started to take some pictures, with the idea of the world impact in these photos. Trying to place these objects in place where the meaning is more with the background. So trying to contrasted the Object with the placement, so with the can of coke in a natural  place like the water or a tree to then somewhere with the object should be like the can next to a recycling bin but not in because it’ll gather more effect because people would wonder why is it not it the bin and think about what that could mean. with the wood I wanted to place it in a natural place to show where it belonged and what happened to it and what will happen to it, so its in a dead tree showing what its going to be and already is. with the chalk want to place it so it would show what it needs to become a more natural object, so the water was the best idea to show how it would be able to transform into the earth again.


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