Final Outcome. Carelessness Community

This is my final outcome. Started off with My three objects which were a Can of coke, a pool chalk and a knot from a tree. From these objects, I was more inspired by the coke can which I then started to develop and came up with a few ideas with the can. The one that I gathered from the can was about the impact it has on the environment and how it doesn’t benefit it at all. I started to look at how it affects the environment and what damages it does. This later on developed into something that causes problems. Recycling. It’s, not that recycling does damage but it what happens if someone doesn’t recycle. The anger someone would get when they see a person littering or not recycling. Also the anger the person who has to sort this inconsiderate person laziness. This work isn’t just about recycling and the problems it causes, but also about the emotions people develop when someone doesn’t think before what they do. That’s the meaning behind it all.

The placement of the objects is something that should make clear sense. It’s placed above a recycling bin to show this is what should happen to the objects when you’ve finished with it. throw it away in a recycling bin, but it’s hanging above it because of how it magically floats into the recycling bin after these careless people litter on not use a recycling bin.


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