Artist statement

Artist Statement -Sunny Nowell

My current work is looking at Landscapes, pacifically seascapes and general landscapes of forestry. Also, looking at rock forms in my work. This will all be depicted through 3D painting. I want to combine these ideas together to show where I have been. This is a journey of my summer shown through 3d painting.

My work for this project is looking at Landscapes of places I have been. I want them to not have a Realistic look about them I want them to just blend into one another. I want this because I Want them to try and see what sort of place it would be, whether it’s a forest so lots of greens and brown or seascapes, so lots of greys blues and yellows. This landscapes will be accompanied by rock forms/cliffs I’ve have seen. I want to do this because I think the contrast of them will create a unique idea. With the rock forms, they will be vibrant compared to the background which will be more of a dull/ Grey Colour, so you focus more on the form of the rock. These Landscapes and forms will be simplified and rearranged to my satisfaction.  The Landscapes will very free flowing, but the forms will be very True and angular. The materials I’ve used our acrylic paints and a wood for a canvas for my paintings. And using some thin wood with spray paint for my rock form.


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