I thought a lot about placement, and how it should look. I don’t think perfection while hanging I think if it’s wonky it has a bit more character shows carelessness, which in turn show about my Feelings(Sadness). and all of this is about my feelings. The grey painting seems out of place which is good because it makes you think. I did this when I was at my bad place.


Newquay X2

This is called Newquay X2. I have called it this because of the two parts of the painting is inspired by Newquay. I have enlargened the painting to be able to see the detail more.  the idea of this is the two place mean different emotions from when I was there and when I  recently visited it. so the painting in the background is recent emotion of sadness and grieving. and the yellow object is what I did feel which was a happy day but that all change that’s why the two different colours. I think this will be the extent of this idea. There isn’t much more I could do but I don’t think it has interest more.



Newquay + Cheddar

These are some development from the original idea that I did. They have developed into a square. and increased in size. so they gave a dark background but I want it to be more grey, This is because it shows more of how I feel now about life, as I’m in a dark place at the moment. but the bright yellow show what I did feel on the day I saw the place based on the object. I will develop the size and colours choices in my next painting.



This is a landscape of Cheddar gorges, i wanted to have an abstract landscape because I wanted people to see what they wanted, They could manipulate the painting into what they want but they hopefully see an landscape in the painting. The object in the middle of the painting is representing the rock forms that you would see on the coast of Newquays beaches. The reason its bright gloss yellow is to contrast the painting in the background to show that they are two different places. also the day i want to that beach to see these rock forms was a bright sunny day, this is mean the yellow has more of a meaning. The day was a sunny, happy and loving day.18901828_893769404094112_950540114_o.jpg

Documentation, Subject

Ideas for exhibitions

This page in my sketchbook was a key concept lecture that talking about how to exhibitions space and how to show it in unique ways. So during this lecture, i came up with an idea of how to display my work. I wanted people to be immersed in the work so, have a small space with and curtain in the way to defuses some of the sound and light, so that alll you are focusing on was the work.

Documentation, Subject

Landscape paintings & sketches

I want to start making quick sketches and paintings with some of the photos I like to see what sort of composition they had and whether it’ll be a good photo to create a final outcome. The basis behind a good photo for this was it to have a simple composition and dull colours. these will contrast the rock forms when they are paint a bright blue or yellow.

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