Contextualisation, Field

How Field Link to My Current Practice

Field has given me a better idea of how artwork makes problems clearer. For example work, I looked at Banksy and Duchamp work which has given me ideas of how work can provoke the viewer into a state of mind which let the reader feel things the other work wouldn’t normally do that. the provoking of the work shocks the reading into thinking why don’t we do something about this, this could mean that they want to do something to work because they might not consider it art( Duchamp, Fountain) or work that is so offensive that makes people angry(Banksy, Gay Cop Kissing). These types of art shock everyone and makes people think.

Fountain, Duchamp 1917
Gay Cops Kissing, Banksy

During field have learnt some key skills into learning how to transfer ideas into my work, I never use meanings in my work, if it is not about politics but I can now transfer problems about me and other problems from the world into a piece of artwork which came from looking at artists more in depth and meanings.

Field made me think out of my comfort, makes me try things I wouldn’t even try and do if I was allowed to choose on my own. I create work that has a message in the work but the work I made was provocative and something I wouldn’t try. something so shocking to some people.

Another skill I have tried to develop on is my ability to talk to a large group of people. with the other areas in fine art talking to a large group doesn’t happen often, but in field it makes me do it, there is no getting out of it, you have to do it. I’m no the most confident speaker, but during field speaking about my work and answering questions about the work gave me a lot of confidence while doing it. I got a sense of achievement to be able to talk as long and in depth, as I did, it might not have been the best but in my eye, I felt very happy with what I developed in my talk.

My field experience had its ups and downs. during some of the groups I had, I could interact and enjoy myself but some of them I just didn’t like, some were unorganised which let down the whole group down, which in turn lead to me not attending. Another reason why I had lacked in attendance was due to problems with my health which talking about embarrass me and lead me to not coming in for a few sessions.


Final Outcome. Carelessness Community

This is my final outcome. Started off with My three objects which were a Can of coke, a pool chalk and a knot from a tree. From these objects, I was more inspired by the coke can which I then started to develop and came up with a few ideas with the can. The one that I gathered from the can was about the impact it has on the environment and how it doesn’t benefit it at all. I started to look at how it affects the environment and what damages it does. This later on developed into something that causes problems. Recycling. It’s, not that recycling does damage but it what happens if someone doesn’t recycle. The anger someone would get when they see a person littering or not recycling. Also the anger the person who has to sort this inconsiderate person laziness. This work isn’t just about recycling and the problems it causes, but also about the emotions people develop when someone doesn’t think before what they do. That’s the meaning behind it all.

The placement of the objects is something that should make clear sense. It’s placed above a recycling bin to show this is what should happen to the objects when you’ve finished with it. throw it away in a recycling bin, but it’s hanging above it because of how it magically floats into the recycling bin after these careless people litter on not use a recycling bin.


Marcel Duchamp

The most famous person, in my opinion, is Marcel Duchamp, of his most notorious piece The Fountain. This work has inspired my work by the shock factor it had. The why it’s not something that is accepted, which I put in my work with the words I used in my work. This is shock art, this has an impact on the person viewing it with all these emotions.Duchamp_Fountaine.jpg of art



I have added this wording to these can because it would have this effect to the people picking up ungrateful peoples rubbish. A council cleaner and person walking past would pick up this rubbish someone leaves, think about these words and what they would say to this idiot. I originally wanted to have to words scratched out for more effect but the paint isn’t the best for that so I  used a sharpie and with terrible handwriting Wrote the words.


The final outcome (nearly finished)

The first photos in this are of a single can which was an experiment to see if it looked okay or better than what I had in mind, didn’t like it so I was going to stick to my final idea.

This is the final idea but I have to add the text take some more photos edit the photos. This show how people who don’t recycle imagine to their rubbish when they throw it away in general bin or litter it, it magically flat into recycling bins.


The Place

This is the area I’m going to hang and use as my final placement. I have chosen this place because of how it is layout and the meaning you can gather from it. The idea behind this is to show people that not everyone is recycling and that people don’t even throw it away, people just litter. This shows that some people must think that it magically disappears overnight when in truth it doesn’t it just sit where ever you have left it forever. The reason why I am going to hang it is because it looks like it magically floating into the bin like people think it does.