Gareth Parry

Gareth Parry’s painting will help me develop my painting, taking ideas and styles from these painting to help my painting have more emotion and textures. I want this because I want to develop my painting to have more emotion. These emotion my creating will be what I felt on that day I show the place in painting and then also emotion in feeling now.



John Knapp-Fisher


I take Some of John Knapp-Fisher painting which have more of an abstract look to them as I want to find lots of different style and type of abstract paintings. I like JKF painting because you can tell that the paining is a landscapes and the emotions the are running through the painting. A Dark, Sad time or could be evil.



Dick Chappel

These painting by Dick Chappell have inspired my work as the painting are abstract which I want. I want in my paintings to have a slight resemblance to the landscape in painting from. I don’t want the viewer to see detail and be able to tell. I want them to see the emotions in my work.

Midnight Blue Occluding – Dick Chappell
Beating on Clouds – Dick Chappell
Open Channel in Moonlight – Dick Chappell

Sarah Evans

I have chosen Sarah Evans to look at, as I want the painting I create to be similar. they are dull and grey which would have a increase in contrast to the objects I want to stick to my painting. this would represent how things and a bright good way about life but there are dark and grey days in life which don’t seem to end.

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This is a landscape of Cheddar gorges, i wanted to have an abstract landscape because I wanted people to see what they wanted, They could manipulate the painting into what they want but they hopefully see an landscape in the painting. The object in the middle of the painting is representing the rock forms that you would see on the coast of Newquays beaches. The reason its bright gloss yellow is to contrast the painting in the background to show that they are two different places. also the day i want to that beach to see these rock forms was a bright sunny day, this is mean the yellow has more of a meaning. The day was a sunny, happy and loving day.18901828_893769404094112_950540114_o.jpg


George Shaw

George Shaw’s work has a very distinct element of contrast in his work,whethers its Very dark colours with light colours, or if it’s lots of different colours which contrast each other. I will use the idea of contrast in my paintings I created.

George Shaw, Ash Wednesday
george shaw bus stop at the top.jpg
George Shaw, Bus Stop At the Top